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     New Midtown Adult Superstore    

Pictures of our Store

Tulsa Oklahoma's only adult superstore with a full bookstore, DVDs and adult novelty items for sale. We are located at 319 E. 3d St. Tulsa OK. 74120.  We are open 24/7 and our phone number is 918-584-3112.  We have a large selection of adult reading material, DVDs and over 2,000 novelty items for the adventurous.   We welcome everyone over the age of 18 and strive to provide an open and positive atmosphere.  We look forward to your next visit. 


Home Page   pictures of a sampling of our products and pricing is below:  Home Page

DVDs prices vary

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Great American Challenge priced at $110.99

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I Rub My Duckie priced at $30.99

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Aria's Cock Pleaser priced at $79.99

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Maximum Impact Liquid Latex priced at $23.99

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Cyberskin Stroker Triplets priced at $34.99

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Silicon Crystal Cote priced at $40.99

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Vibrating Panty Pal priced at $16.99

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Twin Torpedos priced at $31.95

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The Advanced Pump Measure Up priced at $77.99

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Love Glove priced at $19.99

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Emerald Lips priced at $31.99

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Impulse priced at $73.99

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Swiss Navy Premium Waterbased Lubricant priced at $42.00

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Swiss Navy Premium Silicone Lubricant priced at $72.00

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Dildo Harness for Men and Women priced at $19.99

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Gun Oil Waterbased Lubricant priced at $39.99

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Gun Oil Silicone Lubricant priced at $66.00

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Power Mate-3 Single Bullet priced at $14.99

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Chi Chi LaRue's Collectxxxion Leather Jock Strap with Zipper priced at $64.99

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Pleasure Master Double Plug priced at $39.99

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Auto Vibe priced at $22.99

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Toungue Joy priced at $83.99 

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Wet Wabbit priced at $46.99

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Swirl Marble priced at $11.99

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